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Everything is Sweet and Cute at Simply Oishii

Life is always sweet and fruity with cake sandwiches and shortcakes
Its taiyakis, green tea and sweet potato lattes all the way
from Japan
Cute ice creams and parfaits for high tea. With Hello Kitty for company.


We here at Simply Oishii or Simply Delicious believe firmly in one thing: sweets and everything nice in this world are meant to be enjoyed.


But why Japanese you ask?


Japanese desserts are famous for being light, fruity and simply delicious! You can’t stop at one for they are perfectly balanced.


Simply Oishii also introduces to Dubai a range of desserts and drinks, here before unavailable in Dubai.

A flower blooming before your eyes?

How about a towering parfait filled with layers and layers of surprises?

Or a fruit juiced without cutting it?


Come experience all that is new among sweets and relish them…. guiltlessly and happily.



Cat or panda in your coffee?

Or an adorable Totoro smiling in your hot chocolate?

Just tell our Barista and smile at the way your drink becomes playful

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