Oishii & Kawaii & Omotenashi

Our motto is simple: Oishii (delicious) & Kawaii (cute) & Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality)

We have decorated our shop for you to experience our

cuteness in everything.

Totoro sugar caddies smiling up at you, unique placemats, elegant Japanese dolls, sakura trailing down from the ceiling,

the cuteness in our plating and designs… everything in our shop

is meant to transport you to Japan.


Come to Simply Oishii and experience a unique blend of

culture and food.


Who doesn’t love flowers?


The sakura or cherry blossoms trailing from the ceiling are meant to give you the impression of a picnic under

a blooming cherry blossom tree.


Even our unique lights are reminiscent of the

traditional Japanese lanterns.

Traditional Artifacts

We have decorated one wall in our shop with the traditional artifacts of Japan.


Elegant Geisha dolls, adorable dolls of playing kids, tiny little Hinamatsuri dolls intricate in details, the famous fans to the not so famous ghost masks…we have it all here for your enjoyment and Instagram photos.

Modern Artifacts

What is Japan without its animes?


Our collection of anime figurines we promise will take

you to the world of adventure and fantasy.


Come see our latest Naruto and Kenshin Rounin figures.


We even have a No Face from Spirited Away

that is music box. Wind it, and it will sing!

Totoro Caddies

We confess we are totally in love with this squishy lovable anime character. What is not to love about Totoro?

You can see our love right from the Totoro sugar caddies on your table to the marshmallows in your drinks and the

wasabi for your sushi rolls.

Kumiko Panels

Can you imagine the art of building an entire house

without the use of a single nail?


The traditional woodwork of Japan, Kumiko, uses precise calculations in woodwork to create such architectural marvels.


Each Kumiko design has a name of its own. Our large screen at the counter is a homage to these kumiko panels and each panel has been labelled with its Japanese name.


Please take a moment to appreciate this

outstanding woodwork from Japan

Miniature House

A traditional Japanese miniature house that took our chef three weeks to make from scratch.


Kudos to him for deciphering the Japanese instructions and finding the right materials. The light pole was his own idea taken from an old Japanese movie!


Each culture has its unique words, quite untranslatable ones.


Japanese language with its rich literature is the same.


Our placemats are uniquely designed to relate to you some of the most beautiful ideas behind such Japanese words.


Please take a moment to absorb the beauty behind such words.


Japan has not only given us cutting edge technology but also Origami, the art of paper folding.


Traditional origami does not involve cutting or tearing paper. Keeping in mind that uniqueness, we have origami kits for your entertainment.

Please ask our server for one and unleash your creativity. You are free to take your creation home or we would be proud to display it in our store!


Aren’t we all still young at heart?


Simply Oishii wants you to celebrate this child within you.


We have a range of masks, from adorable nekos, elegant kitsunes, lovely venetian feathered masks, to

Naruto masks and even scary ghost faces for your photos.


Larimar Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sat - Wed: 9 am - 11:30 pm

​​Thur - Fri:  8 am - 12 am




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